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Boundaries, power and love for the modern woman

A 4-week online course with Gabriella Angus & Melanie Knight

A brand new online discovery of meditation and embodiment practices to empower the modern woman.

Wednesdays June 30th to July 21st
7.00 – 9.00pm

Imagine experiencing fully loving yourself and living your life as the powerful woman you know you can be. This beautiful course allows you to connect with your inner wisdom, explore what it is that you really want for yourself and your life, and gives you access to finding your voice and expressing it in the world.

Learn to connect, listen and open your heart

So often we have closed our heart, from heartbreak, rejection, and other past experiences. Turning to our heart allows us to know, deep down, what we want, what feels right and true.

Embrace your body’s wisdom

Often in life we make decisions based on what we think we want. As you develop a loving, caring relationship with your body, you will learn to understand the subtle messages and inner guidance it offers. You’ll often find you’re able to make more loving choices, giving you the ability to live the life you truly want.

Each week there will be meditations and a practical exploration and discussion of a theme.

Week 1: Discover how your body holds the key to creating the life that you want
Week 2: Explore your personal boundaries, finding your yes’s and no’s
Week 3: Tap into the power of your inner wisdom
Week 4: Learn how to give ourselves what we love

About Melanie

Melanie is a transformational coach with 15 years experience in making a difference in people’s lives. This has included one to one coaching and also leading group based transformational personal development seminars. She is currently moving more into embodiment work as she loves the difference it makes connecting to the body and the healing that can come from that. She is certified in somatic bodywork, trained in Angelic Reiki and has been doing Tantra work since 2016

Melanie believes in being a constant student in life, participating regularly in personal development and her own daily spiritual practice.

About Gabriella

Gabriella has been a holistic therapist since 1989, and is qualified in many different healing modalities including Auricular Acupuncture, HeartThread, Reflexology, Reiki, and Teaching Meditation. She has been facilitating workshops and courses since 2003.

Gabriella has brought together all that she has learnt and developed a style that is transformational, grounded and gentle in approach, making it accessible to anyone. Her commitment is in supporting people to recognize, cultivate and bring forth their own unique gifts, talents and abilities, so that they can live a life that inspires and nourishes them.

Investment: £75