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Dance Yourself Free - a live workshop with Gabriella & Ruthie

Saturday 31st July. 2.00 – 5.00pm at St John’s Hall Churchfields SG13 8AY

A movement workshop to bring us back to life; to bring us into balance, with a sense of alive presence and stillness, made possible through the medium of dance.

Our bodies are designed to move. Movement is not only vital for physical health it is also essential for mental well being. The pandemic has caused many of us to be confined indoors, without room to move freely. This combined with the social distancing from friends and loved ones, has for some of us, created struggle, anxiety, loneliness and isolation.

Dance Yourself Free uses the sound and rhythm of music to provide us with a natural and easy way to unwind, to release stress and process emotions through movement. This is a safe, enjoyable and hugely effective way to detox the body and uplift the mind.

You don’t have to be a dancer. There are no moves to learn or sequences to practise. This is about movement not performance.

Venue: St John’s Hall Churchfields SG13 8AY

About Gabriella and Ruthie:

Gabriella and Ruthie have been facilitating music and movement events together since 2011. They are both passionate about this way of working with the body, mind and heart and are ceaselessly amazed at the profound difference it can make to people’s lives.