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How Reiki Found Me

Karen Grimes - September 30, 2020 - 0 comments

Reiki Found Me

For me, how I feel affects every part of my being. When I feel unbalanced, emotional or fatigued this will reflect in everything I do in my life. I am sure you have at some time felt out of kilter or not quite right within yourself, you know you’re not functioning at your best,  you know there is something within you that you can’t quite put your finger on, but you know you need to do something to help yourself. This is the very reason I booked a Reiki treatment at The Secret Space in 2017. It was then I experienced the power of Reiki for the very first time.

I am really excited to have this opportunity to share with you how I found Reiki, or perhaps more accurately, how Reiki found me.

It’s funny how some things just happen and when they do happen, they may appear to be so insignificant. It’s often much later when that spark lights up our memories, then we have that moment. Well that’s just how Reiki came to me. It was just about a year after my first Reiki treatment. Then in a flash. everything began to line up and happen, all at the right time, the right place, the right teachers who could help me ignite that passion for healing I now have and have always had but I didn’t recognise it in me.

It was after I picked up a flyer and had a conversation with Gabriella about an event coming up, Reiki level 1 training weekend being held at The Secret Space. I walked home the long way, along the river, which had given me time to mull over our conversation all about Reiki. As soon as I got home, I booked my place on a training weekend. That was in 2018. After that first weekend I was able to self-heal myself and experience some of the subtle energies and flow of Reiki.

My Reiki journey has moved on since 2018, giving me more experience and more training enabling me to have a deep sense of Reiki’s extraordinary way of enabling the recipient to experience its amazing universal energy. As a Reiki therapist and practitioner, I am committed to making Reiki available to all.

I invite you to discover for yourself the benefits of natural Reiki healing and look forward to meeting you at The Secret Space.