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Our Tips to Autumn Wellbeing

The Secret Space Team - October 8, 2020 - 0 comments

The sudden drop in temperature, darker evenings and a sense of abnormality with the way the world is at the moment can feel like a little too much at times.

Our team share there best practices to feeling better at this time. So that, throughout our week and days we can put ourselves and our Wellbeing high on the priority list.

Nate Thomas, Yoga Teacher

“For me it’s all about my morning routine. There is a significant difference in my stress levels, anxiety triggers, productivity and wellbeing if I make sure I’ve done my rituals. Here’s what a morning is like for me.

5.30am – wake up

6am – movement (mobility, yoga & strength)

7.30am – 10 minutes of breath work

7.40am – cold shower or bath

8am – ready to start my day!

Of course 90 minutes of movement is a luxury that I have the privilege of having time for, but any movement in the morning will prepare your body for what’s to come. Have a wiggle!”

Jess Payne, Yoga Teacher

“For me it’s defiantly getting outside and appreciating the seasonal change! Staring at colourful leaves, wrapping up warm and embracing the cooler air on your skin. Works every time to get me out of a funk. I lovveeee Autumn!”

Abbie Harvey, Yoga Teacher

My top tips would be:

  • As the weather becomes cooler, it is time to gaze inwards and create inner balance. It’s a time to nurture the body and attend to any health issues; so take time to look after yourself and listen to your body’s warning signs.

  • Autumn is a time to discover your purpose in life. Take time to find balance between your needs and commitments. Are all of your commitments necessary and adding value to your life?

  • As the leaves on the trees start to fall, so too can old and unhealthy habits. There are many myths about how long it takes to form a new habit….21 days, 28 days, even up to 245 days! The key to making new and healthy habits stick is by making them positive actions and something you want to do. Try to avoid making habits with negative connotations. Another tip is to make them realistic. Start with smaller achievable changes and when you achieve them, your confidence will lead to you explore more positive and healthy changes.”


Martina Cozzi, Reflexologist

“I always say reflexology, relax, rejuvenate and improve overall Wellbeing. Reflexology is a great way to rebalance. It is actually an ancient therapy that the Chinese and Egyptians used thousands of years ago which I think shows us something!”

Jody Ragg, Acupuncturist 

“In Chinese medicine it is said the digestion likes warm and wet. As we enter autumn this becomes really important. Think porridge rather than smoothie, soups rather than salads and slow cooked stews in place of grills and bar-b-q’s.

Pay particular attention to keeping your neck, lower back and ankles warm and covered. These are all parts of the body where ‘wind and cold’ can enter, the definition of a cold in Chinese Medicine.”