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Online Yoga Taster Course Sessions – Saturdays 9am

-Are you curious about different styles of Yoga?
-Would you like to try something new?
-Do you feel unsure about some of the styles of Yoga on offer?

Our teachers will be running a course of 6 x 1 hour long sessions to give you a taster of some different types of yoga. The course has started but you can still drop into each of the separate sessions.

We aim to make this a fun place to start trying different practices and igniting your interest!

Whether you are new to yoga or have your own regular practice, this taster course is for everyone.

Week 1 – 16th January – Gentle Yoga with Elly
Week 2 – 30th January – Ashtanga Yoga with Elly
Week 2 – 6th February – Vinyasa Yoga with Chloe
Week 4 – 13th February – Mandala Yoga with Jessica
Week 5 – 20th February – Yin Yoga with Patricia
Week 6 – 27th February – Hatha Yoga with Nikki

Gentle Yoga with Elly is a slower paced Hatha Yoga class with an emphasis on joint mobilisation and strengthening, core and back strengthening, breath to movement sequences and relaxation and breathing techniques. The aim is to quieten the mind, and develop and maintain strength, mobility and flexibility in the physical body. This class is particularly suitable for older people, people with injuries and those who wish to practice more slowly.

Ashtanga Yoga with Elly will give you an opportunity to begin to explore the Ashtanga sequence. Ashtanga Yoga is suitable for all ages and levels. It is a unique style with a set sequence that is learned step by step. This allows the body and mind to systematically adapt to the asanas, as they become more challenging. Once you have done this session, you should feel more confident about attending a regular Ashtanga class.

Vinyasa Yoga with Chloe. Join Chloe as she teaches you how to use the synchronicity of breath and movement to challenge the body and mind. Blending graceful movements with strength building asanas, Vinyasa is a playful and energetic style that will tone and strengthen both your physical body and your mental resilience

Mandala Yoga with Jessica. Join Jessica for a taster Mandala Yoga class. Mandala Yoga flows with the sacred geometry of nature as we move in circles around the mat. Earth, air, fire and water elements are channeled in each flow and we’ll work with the energy of that element and its opposition. Mandala starts and ends with gentle Yin and builds throughout the practise, suitable for all levels yogi this is a true moving meditation.

Yin Yoga with Patricia is a more meditative, and surprisingly challenging approach to yoga. A calm and slow class, which helps you check in with your body, calm your mind and explore some physical nooks and crannies. Poses are held for several minutes, often using props. You will stretch and twist, with most poses being seated or lying down. On a mental and emotional level, the Yin practice allows the body to drop down into the parasympathetic nervous system, and therefore becomes deeply healing and nourishing.

Hatha Yoga with Nikki will cover physical postures (asanas) and the alignment of, breathing in the posture, the health benefits, and of course, the use of wonderful yoga props. Nikki will talk about the benefits of an asana and each one will be demonstrated step by step and as a stand-alone posture in itself. Nikki will introduce and explore a breathing technique (pranayama) and will talk about it’s physical and mental health benefits.

Yoga is for absolutely everyone and we are really looking forward to meeting you on the mat.

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  • Date

    January 23, 2021

  • Time :

    9.00 - 10.00am

  • Drop-in price:


  • Duration:

    1 hour (each session)