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Adrienne – Yoga teacher

Adrienne is an Iyengar yoga teacher, holistic therapist and teacher with the Positive Movement Programme. In her early years she was a gymnast and a gymnastic coach and her early connection with body work quite naturally led her to find yoga, which she has now been practising for 18 years.  Adrienne’s love of Iyengar lies with its discipline, precision and advance knowledge of the asanas, pranayama and philosophy. She teaches with warmth and enthusiasm and respects each individual’s unique abilities. Here classes adapt to those with injuries and medical conditions.

Iyengar is the most practiced form of yoga in the world, it covers rope work, restorative yoga, traditional poses (over 200 in the Iyengar system) and vinyasa work. It is a broad authentic style of yoga and it is said that no matter what style of yoga is taught, it has all been influenced by Iyengar yoga. Iyengar classes work in stages towards the classical poses in order to build understanding and a strong foundation. Through the intelligence and sensitive awareness in the physical body we can access the layers and sheaths of the subtle, mental and spiritual body. The deep physical approach becomes a psychological practice that moves beyond the gross physical body. The ultimate aim of yoga is liberation and freedom.

Yoga is and should be available to everybody and Adrienne has taught many people throughout the years from age 7 to 92 years old, both able and disabled, ill and healthy.

As a teacher with the ‘Positive Movement  programme Adrienne helps people with various levels of disability and physical impairments to explore the benefits and universal principles of a yoga pose in an adapted way helping each person to feel more grounded and by helping them to increase an expansion in their minds and within their selves.

Adrienne is also a qualified in holistic massage therapist, acupressure chair therapist and  a reiki healer.

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