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Andy – Yoga teacher

I started my yoga journey over 10 years ago.  I was working too many hours, burning the candle at both ends and stuck in an unhappy cycle when I stumbled across a hot yoga studio in Manchester.  In just 3 months I could see a physical change in my body and a mental change which improved my sleep cycle.  After 6 months my thoughts were clearer and my body craved nutrients rather than pizza and beer.  Within just 12 months I had made extraordinary progress; becoming both flexible and strong in mind and body.

After moving to London I was so excited to try all the varieties of Yoga at some amazing studios.  I knew yoga would be with me for the rest of my life.   Then I had an epiphany; instead of telling anyone who would listen about Yoga, I would show them……I would teach!  I had received great recommendations from my fellow yogis for a school in India called Kranti Yoga.   The style suited me perfectly: Ashtanga based vinyasa flow (so basically a little bit of everything).  I have always loved the Ashtanga sequence as I feel it flows through original asanas and conditions the body with discipline.  I studied the anatomy and philosophies of yoga in the motherland.  Enveloped by this beautiful country, surrounded by equally amazing people, I picked up my first set of tools and cues to be able to pass on this gift.

I now combine my day job (I’m an actor by the way) with teaching yoga.   This for me is the life balance I had always been looking for.   I get the most out of teaching yoga when I can see I’ve passed on something that took time, skill and dedication to learn, whether it be a cue, an adjustment, or just my experience of yoga.   I love taking it outside the room into gyms or work spaces, where people may not have experienced a yoga class; winning over the 3 big rugby guys on the back row or somebody who has heard about yoga but is nervous of their first class.

Yoga is for everyone.   My classes are mixed ability, with options given for beginners to full expression for my regulars.   My classes are dynamic, with a sense of humour and usually to music. These things translate into my everyday life … work hard and play hard.I hope to see you on the mat sometime. NamasteCray!