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Becky – Yoga teacher and therapist

Becky has been studying yoga for over 20 years. As part of that learning, since 2010, she has been teaching Yoga to others. Having been a nurse in the NHS, she always felt as if there was something more she could to offer the people she supported, this led to her pursuing her initial British Wheel of Yoga teacher training with a view to training as a Yoga Therapist.

The other huge part of Becky’s yoga study has been though personal experience. A regular Yoga and meditation practice have supported her in understanding and self managing health issues of Chronic Fatigue and Autoimmune disease.

Working and training with The Minded Institute has helped to consolidate all of this and Becky is dedicated to the wellbeing of the clients and students she supports and also a firm believer in the benefits of Yoga being understood and made available for everybody, not just as a treatment for health conditions but as a route to maintaining a happy, healthy and compassionate way of life.

In addition, Becky works as a Health Researcher with The Centre for Health Services and Clinical Research at the University of Hertfordshire and as a Supervisor for The Minded Institute. Her areas of personal interest and expertise include Kidney Disease, Elderly Mental Health and End of Life Care.

“The Yoga classes I teach are traditional, but relaxed and inclusive. I aim to teach self awareness and have a strong belief that as each person is different, yoga should fit the person, not vice versa. I enjoy the subtle work of mudras (hand and body gestures), bandha (energy locks) and mantra chanting. The philosphical element in my class, draws from the ancient writings of yoga sages and also our modern thinkers.” Becky

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