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Gabriella – Manager

Gabriella has a 20 year background in the field of drug and alcohol addiction services.

In 1989 Gabriella trained as a Reflexologist, and as a Reiki Master in 2000.  She has been actively practising in both these fields, as well as various other healing modalities ever since.

Combining her roles in recovery services and alternative health, Gabriella has seen the powerful effect that  holistic therapies can have in so many situations.  She has dedicated her life to making these resources more widely available.

In 2012 Gabriella was responsible for setting up and coordinating complementary therapy services for people in recovery across two London Boroughs.  It was during this time that she met Nicky, founder of the Secret Space, who was employed in the same role in another borough.

In 2014, when it became apparent that the Secret Space needed more than one person at the helm, Gabriella came on board to help Nicky, co-managing with her until Nicky’s departure early in 2019, when she took over the role single handed.

For Gabriella, creating a sense of community working to support each other and to support others is her vision for the Secret Space.