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Janey – Yoga Teacher

Janey Edwards is a KRI Certified Kundalini Level 1 200 hours yoga instructor as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

She is a member of the KYTA (Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Association) and IKYTA.

Having tried various yoga classes over the years she attended a Kundalini class in 2011 and found her yoga. She also found a wonderful Kundalini teacher Saibhung Kaur and still attends her classes today to keep up with her practise.

Within a few weeks of practising this dynamic yoga she began to feel really good and really enjoyed the sometimes intense postures, wonderful meditations with the emphasis on the breath in each class and chants with beautiful kundalini music. It was the sheer variety of each class that appealed, some sequenced set of postures were fast and more active and some more meditative and gentle. Janey enjoyed discovering inner space through this yoga, the flow of energy, finding stillness and opening up to intuitive awareness.

Then she started some classes with another teacher Sada Ram who also inspired and encouraged her to believe she could do a Kundalini Teacher Training. She began in 2013/2014-2015. The Training took place in London and a week at an Ashram in the French Alps with International Yoga School Amrit Nam Sarovar. After this challenging but also wonderful and life transforming training she began to teach Kundalini yoga classes in Letchworth, Hitchin, and the Herts area and in Biggleswade at The Courtyard Centre.

During 2016/2017 Jane learnt to teach some of her teacher’s Carers classes in Letchworth and learnt about yoga in chairs for people who had health problems and this class was also for the Carers who looked after them.

2016 She went to India with friends and visited an Ashram for 10 days near Rishikesh (who follow the Himalayan Yoga teachings of Swami Veda) as a guest attendee where she experienced meditation for two and a half hours every morning at dawn and staying upright on her meditation stool was a challenge in itself! Returning to the UK in October 20-16 she had an opportunity to teach at a new yoga studio in Hitchin which was a great experience. Today Janey teaches Kundalini yoga classes in the Royston area, Biggleswade and Hertford. She also teaches 1-2-1s

Janey has continued extending her learning by attending yoga retreats and workshops.


Yoga Teacher