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Karen – Reiki Therapist

Karen has been a participating yoga student and holistic therapy client at The Secret Space since the first week we opened. She has experienced many of the Therapies that we offer and personally found them very healing and valuable to her own wellbeing.

A couple of years ago Karen joined our volunteer team and you will often find Karen at our reception desk ready to welcome you as you arrive. When we host any of our special events or charity events Karen is always there offering Reiki Healing to our event participants.

Her passion for Yoga and Healing has evolved over many years and her studies have gained her qualifications and skills in both yoga and holistic healing.

In 2018 Karen began her Reiki Healing journey. She did all of her Reiki training at The Secret Space and has been an ambassador for it’s extraordinary ability to bring deep relaxation and nurturing to everyone. As a Holy Fire III/ Usui System of Natural Reiki Healing Therapist Karen has a deep empathy with her clients and is committed to making Reiki available to everyone.