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Kirsty – Yoga teacher

My passion is all things health and movement related with a particular interest in natural ways of living, moving and being. My yoga journey started in 2009 when I attended a class at the leisure centre where I worked. I’ve practiced various styles since then and completed my teacher training with the British Wheel of Yoga in 2015. I approach my practice with a beginners mind and I am always fascinated to discover something new. I continue my development by attending yoga classes, workshops and reading books that aid my teaching.


I am interested in helping others to feel good about themselves and to find ease in movement. I enjoy experimenting with various types of movement. Yoga is my favourite practice due to its non competitive teachings, emphasis on the subtle body and being present. I enjoy the way the practice encourages people to move through life in a more mindful way.


Strength work is a common theme in my classes as it’s helped me immensely with my own practice. I aim to make my classes challenging yet suitable for beginners, accessible and enjoyable.