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Martina – Therapist

Reflexology is a therapy which I am passionate about and I have been practicing for nearly twenty years. This came about after going through a very stressful period I my life and after regular treatments on my feet I felt I could cope more with life’s stresses and strains. It was this that led me to qualify as a Reflexologist.

After many years working on and off in London, I moved to Hertford with my husband and three children and resumed practicing Reflexology here in Hertford. In 2015 I came across and trained in Facial Reflexology. It can give the same results as foot reflexology by using pressure points on the face. A great alternative for those who are sensitive about their feet. At the same time, I qualified in the Ziggie Bergmann Zone Face Lift. This came about after making enquiries into botox and facial fillers. I like many others am scared of needles and also not too sure about the contents of the products going into my body. I wanted to find a more natural approach and this seemed to fit the criteria. It is a 12 week programme combining reflexology, pressure point massage and Native American techniques to create the Zone Face Lift. It can leave you feeling blissed out, with a smoother face to match. It is a great natural alternative for those who don’t want botox or dermal fillers. I am pleased to be offering all three therapies here at the Secret Space.

To make a booking please contact The Secret Space or for more information please contact Martina on 079890 556852