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Patricia – Yoga teacher

I started my Yoga journey with a book, in front of the TV at home. My Dad said that he didn’t understand why he bothered to buy chairs – I was always on the floor trying out some pose or in a shoulder stand.Step forward ten years and I was lucky to have a Yoga course suggested by my midwife. I loved the special classes for Mums to be – but didn’t have the time as my children were growing up. But somehow I kept feeling the pull back to the mat. As I entered my forties-and the girls were getting more independent – I could make time for myself and it was Yoga that beckoned.It started with a single class a week – if I was lucky. And then one class a week became two and then four. And then I decided I was going to train to be a teacher myself.In 2017 I completed my 200 hour teacher training course. Since then I have taken other teacher trainings and deepened my understanding of yin and Yoga Nidra in particular. My classes are designed to provide quiet, inwardly focused calm. Expect a variety of poses, with lots of options for different levels. A slow steady practice that helps you move forward with your Yoga – and also helps you rest and recover from the challenges of your daily life.

I have also taken courses in guided meditation and my classes often end with some meditation to embed the sense of ease.


Yoga Teacher