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Stepping into the Forrest – An online introduction to Forrest Yoga

This online workshop will introduce you to the principles of Forrest Yoga while guiding you through a classic Forrest Yoga Sequence. Specific movements will be introduced and broken down within intelligent sequencing for back bending. There will be Pranayama (breath work), juicy core work, inversions and standing poses designed to create space and unwind the hips, neck and shoulders.

You will need a small wall space for shoulder work, and inversions. 2 bricks, a strap, and a bolster if you have one.

This workshop is ideal for anyone with a body.

Modifications will be offered for different levels, and injuries.

Only £20 for the 2 hours.

  • Date

    November 28, 2020

  • Time:

    14:30 -16:30

  • Online price:

    £20 Online Space