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Myofascial Release

We are all familiar with the phrase “stress is stored in the body”; the fascia is physiologically where stress of all kinds is held, and it can cause havoc, both physically, and also emotionally. Tension in the body can have a big impact on our emotional health, energy levels and general attitude to life. Holding on so tightly is hard work!
Myofascial release, using the John F. Barnes approach, is a gentle, hands-on, whole body treatment which addresses the cause of your problem, not just your symptoms. John F. Barnes (JFB) is an American physiotherapist who developed this way of working with the body’s connective tissue, which is known as the fascia. The fascia is a tough connective tissue which spreads throughout the entire body in a 3-dimensional web, much like a knitted bodysuit. It surrounds every structure and system in the body, as well as being part of every cell and fibre. When the fascia becomes restricted from injury, trauma, surgery, physical or emotional stress, it solidifies and tightens, creating a crushing pressure on muscles, nerves and the circulatory system which causes pain and dysfunction. JFB Myofascial Release works to gently release these restrictions, restoring movement, balance and freedom.

What to expect?

After an initial assessment, you will be treated using hands-on techniques that work to gently release fascial restrictions throughout the body. Through palpation and seeing how your body moves, areas of tightness will be identified, and skillful treatment applied to affected areas. As the fascia is a whole body system, treatment with Myofascial Release aims to have a positive impact on the entire body. During treatment you may experience the advanced therapeutic movement aspect of Myofascial Release known as Myofascial Unwinding. This utilises the body’s inherent wisdom and allows for deep, and effective releases of old, restrictive patterns held within the connective tissue system. Through a combination of Myofascial Release and Myofascial Unwinding, long lasting relief and positive change can be experienced. Where appropriate, you will also be taught various self treatment methods so that you are able to continue the progress made during treatment between sessions.


Cost: £65 for 1 hour treatment. £10 off this October – £55 for 1 hour treatment 

Longer sessions can be booked if required

To ask any questions, or to book, please contact Claire directly on 07564 905164 or email