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Yoga Classes in Hertford

To book online, please follow this link: Online booking. Alternatively call us on 01992 503141, email or pop in to book classes and  for more information.
To avoid disappointment please book classes in advance.


Online Classes

First Online Class Free – £0.00
Online 10-class bundle (lasts for 3 months) – £70.00
Online 10-class bundle + Donation (lasts 3 months) – £90.00
Online class – £8.00
Online class incl. donation –  £10.00
Online class incl. donation – £15.00
Online class incl. donation – £25.00

Online Private class £50

Studio Classes

Studio 10 class bundle (lasts 3 months) – £120.00
Studio 5 class bundle (lasts 2 months) – £67.50
Studio Class – £15.00

Hot Yoga – £17.00
Hot Yoga 5-class bundle (lasts 2 months) – £77.50

Studio Private class £60

Levels and Intensity


This tells you whether the class is suitable for your level of Yoga experience:


Level 1: beginners.   Suitable for those new to yoga and those returning after a long break.  The teacher will give lots of instructions on detail and modifications, which are suitable for beginners and novices.

Level 2: intermediate.   Suitable for those with some yoga experience and a basic knowledge of the commonly practiced postures.  There will be less specific instructions on detail and fewer modifications given as the student is now expected to know some of these.

Level 3: advanced.   Suitable for those with a long-term regular practice in that particular style of yoga – usually by invitation from the teacher. There is an expectation that the student knows the main alignment details for the asanas and other yoga practices as well as the best modifications for their own bodies.


This tells you how hard you’ll have to work in the class:


Gentle: a low impact class that will ease you into your practice and won’t put you under any pressure

Medium: expect to work a little harder in these classes, and go deeper into the practice

Strong: for those who enjoy a physical challenge and an intense practice


Can I come to any class?

If you are a complete beginner, please attend one of our many beginners’ (level 1) classes. This will make sure that you learn the basics and are safe to go to our general level classes.

If you are unsure, please contact us to discuss your best options.



Online classes

As always in a yoga class – you are your own best teacher. Be guided by your body and stay within its limits. When practising yoga in one of our online classes, you are responsible for making sure you are in a safe place, and that you are practicing safely and to your own level of ability. You do so at your own risk. The teachers and the Secret Space cannot accept any liability for injuries sustained while practising yoga via live streaming or recorded classes.

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