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Claire S – Therapist

Claire’s has trained extensively with John F. Barnes in the USA in the practice of Myofascial Release (MFR). Claire is also an experienced reflexologist, a Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki master teacher and trained massage therapist. Claire recognises the individuality of each person who comes for treatment, and her approach responds to the causes of your symptoms, your body, and you.
At the Secret Space, Claire is one of our reiki teachers and is our myofascial release therapist. MFR is a gentle, hands on therapy that works at releasing restrictions in the body, restoring motion and relieving pain and other symptoms. Every person has their own set of fascial restrictions, that in severe cases is comparable to wearing a personalised straitjacket that limits you completely.
MFR never forces or leads, it works with the body, utilising the inherent healing wisdom within us all. The body is designed to work; given a little help (which we all need at times) it is pretty good at returning to it’s own optimum level of function, increasing quality of life, reducing symptoms and relieving long held stress, tension and negative patterns, both physically and emotionally.
As well as offering general MFR, Claire offers both Women’s Health and Men’s Health treatment, utilising recognised myofascial release techniques to treat pelvic pain, pelvic floor tightness and the associated symptoms. (See the Myofascial Release page for more details.)
Claire passionately believes that healing is an art, and that to help others heal, we must be creative in our approach, open to inspiration and intuition, and willing to be present with whatever shows up, whether we judge it to be pretty or not. Each of us is a unique expression of the artistry of the Universe, and should be treated with the reverence such exquisiteness deserves.