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Body Wisdom - Messages from Within

Deep healing for body and mind with Gabriella.

Body Wisdom healing (also known as HeartThread) is a deeply relaxing, unique way of bringing to light and releasing memories, unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs that are obstacles to our happiness, success and forward movement.

In a HeartThread session we are able to access, in a safe and loving way, this information in the form of messages stored within our body. These messages are then spoken aloud and their vibrational resonance enables us to gently release that which no longer serves us.

The resulting sense of ease and relaxation enables us to tap into our own unlimited potential and inner guidance, to become the authors of our own life. We come to know ourselves as infinitely creative beings with unique abilities and gifts.


Sessions can be conducted in person or on Zoom

60-minute session £48

Course of 6-sessions £250

To book a session or find out more information please email or call 07946 513846