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Andrea – Yoga teacher

I discovered yoga many years ago and loved the way it strengthened my body and relaxed my mind.

It took several years and a regular Ashtanga practice under the tutelage of Elly Codiroli before I realised how the time we spend on the mat transforms our lives providing strength, resilience and clarity to both mind and body. Simply put yoga provides the foundation for us to sway with the ups and downs of life.

In recent years I have studied further with Elly taking the BWY Foundation Course and then going on to study the BWY 500hr Teacher Training Diploma with Lesley Isaacson and Mary Mackie in London.

My classes offer students an opportunity to feel harmonious in the postures as mind body and breath come together in the sequences. I encourage students to tune into their body to find their own place safely in the postures with modifications to engage students whatever their level. At the end of each class we find time to simply stop and allow the mind to drop below the day to day chatter which so frequently consumes us.


Yoga Teacher